LUCA Global Group
About Us

I don’t know if we are the best, that’s not what I’m going to tell you in our presentation, the presentation. I can say, however, that each person is unique and so, every business becomes unique through its leader. Therefore yes, we are different from the rest of the market, because I am different.

We don’t see a business through the eyes of its competition, but through the eyes of our clients, and each time my client is satisfied, I tell myself «Good job, you did it!» and I do it every time. And in those moments when everything is not perfect, I as well as the rest of the team learn to perfect our work until the client’s requirements are met.

«Good job, you did it!» doesn’t come from the material stability that – automatically – our extended portfolio guarantees, but from the fact that the core of a business is represented by the person that drives it. And success is defined by applauding the work dedicated to this domain in the 10 years we spent here.

I firmly believe that the rules of a successful business can be applied in any area of activity, and that is why was born with its two subdivisions: LUCA Wood and LUCA Transport.

«Joinery for a lifetime» is a mission taken on by . I want to excel on this market by staying true, but for the purpose of bringing satisfaction where it is needed using the available human resources, starting with 2016 also launches its transport division with the mission to be: «On time, anywhere!®».

The second mission – right from the start – promises the same professional values and highlights one of the core principles in the transport industry – in our opinion - punctuality. «On time, anywhere!®» promises to respect its motto under any circumstances.

In the end, our purpose is OUR CLIENT’S SATISFACTION, and this purpose is based on a clear strategy that was formed in the years of sales experience we accumulated. Knowing your consumer and his needs gives way to a flawless trajectory in any industry.

My business guide is constantly encouraging communication with clients, suppliers or collaborators, because we work with people and for people. Any business needs excellence in its niche, and that’s what me and my team are building!

Sorin Luca
General Manager